About Us


Who we are

We are a well-established private Company based in Nairobi Kenya, East Africa, dealing in general supply of hospital Equipment, Instruments and Consumables since the year 2000. We collaborate with overseas manufacturers as representative agents in promoting medical products in East and Central African regions through various strategies as follows:


Our Strategies

  1. We publicize and promote our principals' products by participating in Exhibitions, Scientific Conferences organized by professional Associations and various seminars.
  2. Inform our principals about the market trend.
  3. Participate intender and quotations from the Ministry of Health, Major Governmment organizations, NGOs and research institutes.
  4. Carry stock and spares to meet our customers' needs.
  5. Attend in-house company training courses when provided by our principals to our Medical representatives.
  6. We are well versed with regulatory requirements in most Ministries of Health Boards.

    Company Mission

    FUJI upholds high quality Health care standards through supply of modern and innovative medical products with the aim of continually improving the health and quality of life of people in the communities that we serve in an honest and ethical manner.
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